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CO2 25g Gas Canisters


CO2 Canisters used to re-inflate your tyre or just add more air into your tyre to increase your tyre pressure.


CO2 25g Gas Canisters

These CO2 canisters are used to either re-inflate your tyre or to increase the pressure from an already inflated tyre.

With this canister, you can rush air in quickly into the tyre with no need to wait for it to inflate your tyre. You do however require a special adapter which takes these canisters and they are compatible with you motorcycle and your car’s tyre valve.

Made out of a strong aluminum case which will not get damaged, these canisters will last forever for the day you need to use them.


They are a one time use only, once used, you throw it away.


We supply them in boxes of 20.

Recommended Retail Price is R45.00 each.


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